Why All Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets Are Popular?

- Jun 06, 2020-

1. Zero formaldehyde environmental protection.

Among the characteristics of all-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets, zero formaldehyde has to be mentioned. This is a very important point that distinguishes Kitchen Cabinets from other plates.

2. Waterproof and fire resistance. Kitchen Cabinets are inseparable from water and fire. All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets are changed to aluminum profiles, and the aluminum itself cannot be rusted, and can be suitable for long-term humid environments. This is no problem as Kitchen Cabinets. The melting point of aluminum alloy is also thousands of degrees, and it is fire-resistant.

3. High strength. The strength of all-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets is much higher than that of artificial plates. Long-term use will not deform, all-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets is several times the service life of traditional cabinets.

4. Fashion. All-aluminum Kitchen Cabinets can be made into different shapes according to the style requirements. Or pastoral or distinguished, or small fresh or simple. Changeable shape.

5. Recyclable. All aluminum Kitchen Cabinets can be recycled, and the price of recycling will also increase. Perhaps the price recovered ten or twenty years later can match the price of Kitchen Cabinets.

6. Insect-proof moth is easy to clean. All aluminum Kitchen Cabinets are basically maintenance-free during use. Wash and scrub.