Why Do Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Crack?

- Jun 12, 2020-

1. The moisture content of solid wood

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are like human skin. When the air is extremely dry, it loses moisture and shrinks. There may be some cracks on the surface of the kitchen cabinets, but when the relative humidity increases, the solid wood will absorb enough water to expand slightly to restore its original state.

2. The weather

The moisture content of kitchen cabinets made of solid wood is 1% -2% lower than the actual average moisture content of air. Due to the difference in geographical location, the humidity of the air varies from place to place, so the moisture content requirements for solid wood kitchen cabinets are also different.

3. Improper use

If the solid wood kitchen cabinets are "tolerated" by the sun in the window position, or the dust is wiped with an excessively wet towel, and the door is closed with excessive force, the solid wood door frame will be damaged and cracked.

4. Damaged transportation

The solid wood kitchen cabinets will inevitably bump into the way of transportation. It is even more miserable to encounter violent transportation.