Modern Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Wall Cabinets

The modern kitchen wall cabinets are common custom made designs which are best suited for a variety of houses. We can offer exclusive customization to meet different needs.

Product Details


Modern kitchen wall cabinets are a common custom made design, which is best suited for a variety of houses. Standing against the wall and corner, this kitchen cabinets offers maximum functionality in a limited space.

This modern kitchen wall cabinet is made of white finish and wood finish panels. These two colors matched together to make the small corner a high-end fashion.  We can offer exclusive customization service to meet different needs.

Features and Advantages

1. This modern kitchen wall cabinet has four functional areas: storage area ( for storing cooking utensils), washing area (for cleaning kitchen supplies), operating area (for preparing cooking materials), cooking area ( for equipping kitchen wares)

2. Multi-layer and multi-storage space design. It is easy to classify and get access to food and utensils.

3. Durable countertop material: oil-proof and high temperature resistant. It has high safety, and can have direct contact with food.

4. The appropriate height of this modular kitchen cabinet is in line with ergonomic design, so that your hands and waist will not get tired.

5. Providing floor plans, our designers will put forward professional solutions. There are a variety of kitchen cabinet types for your choice, such as U-shaped cabinet, island-shaped cabinet, I-shaped cabinet or L-shaped cabinet.

6. This modular kitchen cabinet makes use of environmentally friendly material, thus it causes no harm to your health.

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Door Panel Types

Modern Kitchen Wall Cabinets Door Panel Types

Hardware Accessories

Modern Kitchen Wall Cabinets Hardware Accessories

Countertop Stone Material

Modern Kitchen Wall Cabinets Countertop Stone Material

Design Ideas

Modern Kitchen Wall Cabinets Design Ideas

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