How Is Wall Ark Of Right Choose And Buy

- Jan 09, 2019-

One, choose material whether environmental protection, concern family health directly, so cabinet put oneself in another's position board should have a country to detect a report, accord with a country mandatory gb18584-2001 standard, formaldehyde releases a quantity to be less than 1.5mg/L, moisture content is between 5-11;

Two, whether solid board determines the service life of cabinet body, its thickness standard should be 18mm, strong and durable, service life should reach 15 years above;

Three, whether the process is fine, first look at the sealing edge of the sample. Machine edge sealing is generally uniform, do not see black line and serrated mark, manual edge sealing is rough. Second, see whether the back slotting installation, to ensure stability;

Four, accessories are very critical, when the purchase to see and hear more, such as track must be high strength, wear resistance; Pulley to high strength, wear resistance, low noise; It is mainly used to seal the side band of the plate section. The side should be firm and the surface should be smooth.