How To Check And Accept Cabinets

- Jan 09, 2019-

Board installation should correspond to each other, the height should be the same, all the middle seam width should be the same; Handle should be in the same level line (except special design); The table should be smooth, bright, no obvious scratches, patchwork seam is not obvious; The connection of upstream and downstream water is unobstructed, and the water does not pour gas into the water; Pull the drawer about 50mm (limited damping), can automatically close, that the bearing capacity is stronger.

The advantage of integral ambry and vitality are without doubt, however current its market order is not quite perfect still, so development business and consumer are buying ambry while, still want to beware of a lot of not standard businessman, in order to pursue higher profit and the "be suspicious of" on the price and contract and product setting.

Better installation quality is the main part that integral ambry quality assures, also be the most important link that produces a problem after avoiding to use, consumer should take more seriously, the height that can cause a business so takes seriously to do its strength to do best thereby.