Point Of Choose And Buy Of Bathroom Ark

- Jan 09, 2019-

The adornment between wei yu wants integral effect neat and elegant, individual character is outstanding, the correct choice of bath ark is crucial. Regard the furniture in the bathroom as, bath ark has fundamental function receive action. It will all sorts of catharsis things, especially the female cosmetic with numerous name sorts ground to undertake putting, make this space orderly. The material of bath ark on the market nowadays pledges diversity, design style also each not identical, colour is more dazzling, the integral design photograph echo between the user before buying must and wei yu.

1, material

Buy bath ark, choose material to pledge (include face material and base material) very important. Bath ark face material is divided roughly for natural stone material, man-made stone material, fire prevention board, lacquer board, glass, metal and real wood. Some bath cabinets of normal manufacturers in the market of building materials are basin bath cabinets made of solid wood or moulded moisture-proof board. Such products have many advantages, including scratch resistance, no spots; Will not crack because of sudden changes in water temperature; Glaze smooth smooth, easy to clean; Moisture-proof board cabinet body is not easy to be out of shape in damp environment, moisture-proof and crack-proof; Cabinet high-grade molding surface treatment, will not change color due to time; Using high quality imported hinge, sliding rail and other hardware, so that the cabinet more durable.

2. Combination form

Come by installation form cent, bathroom furniture basically has floor type and hang wall type two kinds. Floor type applies to those who do wet depart, the space also is bigger between contemporary wei yu, and the advantage with the biggest design that hang a wall is to save a space, do easily, cleared wholesome blind spot. It passes setting shelf board, store content ark, ground ark to wait for many elements, undertake reasonable space is divided, increased the function that the bathroom furniture receives effectively thereby, also make the function such as wash gargle, make up, change clothes tends apparent depart.

3. Color and matching

The colour of bath ark is diversity more, the bath ark of light color still is mainstream. Pure white bath ark builds the decorous that gives a bathroom and neat, bright and beautiful but person, give comfortable and quiet fully, the white union of whole tonal and face basin of pottery and porcelain is flawless. Refined colour makes a person as if place oneself halcyon outside the world, after numerous and numerous life, enter this space to be able to enjoy natural and pure and fresh namely, instantaneous all confused is done not have, carefree and complacent. In addition, choose transparent lens face, can bring cool and refreshing feeling more.

4, style

Bath ark basically has halfback to play cruel, nostalgic and classic, nature is pure and fresh reach contemporary school classic 4 kinds of styles. The bath ark that halfback plays cruel is given priority to with contracted design style, the color that USES is bolder, get a lot of young people chase after hold in both hands. Nostalgic and classic bath ark contains the classic artistic aesthetic feeling of a kind of Chinese style, had better with the floor of anticorrosion and decorate toilet, more harmonious. Natural and pure and fresh bath ark is one of fashionable bath ark mainstream, relaxed and clean white let the bathroom have pure and fresh air as the woods after rain commonly. Contemporary school classicism bath ark is to blend in in classic lasting appeal contemporary element, it is not to paint wood color antique furniture color, use brunet wood to pledge however, be like walnut; Its line is simple and fluent, and the heavy and complicated that not ou shi classicism sends a curve. Deserve to act the role of a respect, it slam the door Europe type is classic tonal type and hyperbole, and emphasize bath ark the basiccest receive a function.