The Distinction Of Integral Kitchen And Integral Ambry And Connection

- Jan 09, 2019-

1, the overall kitchen is the kitchen as a whole to look at. Operate a characteristic according to the kitchen, it is carrier with ambry, will furniture, electric equipment, cigarette machine, hearth cooker, fire implement, birdbath to wait for reasonable find a place for, hold concurrently the organic whole that the function such as cooking, catharsis, arrange, store up and rubbish collects. Organic ground will the energy inside the kitchen, fluctuation establishment is reasonable union, finish cook job already, harmless to human body, can have beautification environment to decorate a function at the same time again.

2, integral ambry is to leave a house to tell, it is the habit that people cooks according to human body engineering and program, combine a series of functions, make wash, cut, burn, the function that stores can be finished in system of a series of integral ambry, achieve basically scientific change, whole change degree. Ambry system includes ground ark, condole ark, mesa and catharsis trough, hardware fittings to include the kitchen furniture that can place cooker such as boiler, bowl, gourd ladle, basin.

3, arrive from ambry the kitchen, integral ambry still has certain distance from the concept of integral kitchen, the product that applies in the kitchen still does not form a complete set, because did not achieve height to standardize, still cannot be compatible between some facilities. Integral kitchen represented different design concept, service quality and life quality, consider a wall already, top, ground, door window, lamplight, include the furniture that USES inside and electric equipment again, it is a broader concept.

4, the proposal kitchen is decorated, draw the final purpose construction design drawing of the standard first, coordinate with room body photograph, when decorating, one pace reachs the designated position. Avoid a complete ambry to buy go home, in order to avoid much and complex conduit, it is not to beat off backboard, backboard, saw namely one piece, already incomplete condition when waiting for decorating to be finished.

5, if integral ambry enterprise is produced when use the element such as electric equipment, environment to consider to go in, the no matter color, dimension or style that cooperate the lampblack machine that USES, microwave oven, oven is matched with cabinet body photograph, form a complete set consistent, that approached one pace to integral kitchen concept truly.

6, overview: the overall kitchen is a broader concept, the integration of larger space, and more electrical appliances, cooking utensils, environmental factors into consideration.

The construction of ambry has ground ark, condole ark, tall ark 3 kinds big, its function includes catharsis, arrange, cooking, store 4 kinds. Ambry general by (benchtops), door plank, mesa cabinet put oneself in another's position (cabinets), electricity, sink, kitchen hardware accessories.