The Practical Reason Of Mural Ark

- Jan 09, 2019-

Mural ark can give the space of inch land inch gold dipartition different functional area, and surface modelling is concise, elegant, vogue, become more and more people to be able to consider to live in adornment element at the beginning of decorating.

1. Improve space utilization

With the most reasonable means, according to the actual needs of re-planning space, unreasonable to reasonable, let the space get the most full use.

Recommended product: folding bed

As household space is smaller and smaller, people more and more pursuit can save a space to have the household of individual character to decorate. Folding bed - hidden in the combination cabinet, open is a comfortable bed.

2, add fun line

Partition of the passage, let your behavior line also change to change, sometimes more like a stage curtain.

Recommended products: sliding door series

A lot of owners like to break the wall of corridor, the vitreous partition of make it whole. Be in especially door model not in very big bedroom, with move the sitting room of goalkeeper and open mode kitchen try to divide, maintain already connect fully, accomplish a space again close put freely; Between sitting room and bedroom, can use shift a door to extend a space likewise, apply do not appear or the move a door that the 100 leaf board of semi transparent craft glass, simple but elegant makes, replace icy cement wall, saved a space already, added fashionable feeling and vigor for concise bedroom again, two Spaces are linked together already, respective independence.

3, the mural ark that finds to suit oneself home truly

Cupboard door: thematic material collocation fashionable space

Another big characteristic of the integral mural ark of custom-made type is, mural door plank material is rich and colorful, all sorts of design can suit the household space that you decorate a style differently.

The material that can offer to make mural door on the market now basically has board, glass, mirror and other a few special material. Individual manufacturer still rolls out "one board two colors" new-style plank, the function that resembles fashionable mobile phone "colour case changes at will". After using a year half, can change another design and color to use, do not spend money to be able to enjoy additionally "decorate afresh" fun. Mural ark door rolled out 18 kinds of one board the plank of two colors, common name "become lubricious board", great place facilitated the use demand of consumer in this respect. Glass has cloth grain, sweet pear, stripe, ground arenaceous, milenial case, rainbow of the four seasons and silver-plated glass to wait, design of special cupboard door still has the new-style design and color such as shutter door, wall paper.

4, plank

The board that mural ark door USES, had better choose 10mm or 12mm thick plank, use rise firm, stable, durable; Slightly worse will choose 8mm thick, worse even 6mm thick plate, the plate is easy to deformation, stability is often difficult to achieve normal requirements.

5. Pulley guide rail

Whether the wheel is suitable and slippery, withstand pressure, wear-resisting, safe and reliable it is the most crucial place that chooses mural ark door. The pulley of mural ark door chooses carbon glass fiber commonly (material of international new-style high technology) make, inside belt ball, with do not stem sex is lubricated ester, can push and pull easily so, smooth and agile, and bearing force is big, bear pressure, wear-resisting is not out of shape. Additional, good pulley often designs two to prevent jump device, when ensuring cupboard door sliding, reliable safety.