Tips For Washing Your Closet

- Jan 09, 2019-

1. The cabinet body changes color. Any kind of laundry closet will turn yellow if exposed to the sun all year round. So when not being used, wash chest, make a curtain in the window of the balcony finally.

2, size: small size of the best choice of ceramic basin, large size of the general choice of artificial stone. Because above 80 cm, ceramic deformation rate is very high. Artificial stones are no problem. As long as the proper use of artificial stone life is very long.

3, function: when choosing to wash chest, the first consideration is practical function of course. Such as a soap net for soap. Towel bar for towels, pull blue for temporary dirty laundry. The manufacturer of average major washery chest can consider the function is more important than luxuriant appearance.

4, human nature is changed: washing machine combination ark is more sell like hot cake, also be combination ark but the processing that did on detail on any account basin accords with human nature quite. Domestic women generally in height, 160 cm or so. And wash chest should put down washing machine, total height is about 90 centimeters above. (the height of the roller washer is generally 82-86 cm.) women under 160 cm will be very uncomfortable to use. The processing of on any account basin, still be 90 centimeters in washing machine part namely, but low outside cistern 5 centimeters. It's only 85 centimeters. And that solves the problem.